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eco & fair

good life for everyone!

we love beautiful fashion and wish a good life for everyone in the fashion world - from cotton farmers* and farmers* to seamstresses* and us in retail. the basis for this is an intact nature as a healthy living space. ettics is intended to show that a change in values ​​is also taking place in the clothing industry. we are convinced that the way textiles are produced and consumed will change forever. let's draw new circles together!

eco & fair

all of the products we offer are organic and fair. in doing so, we follow the conviction "meaning instead of seal"! In the clothing sector, for example, the GOTS seal or the certificate from the Fair Wear Foundation are important and provide us with orientation. however, we want to think about more complex things: fair trade or eco labels are expensive and not every brand that cannot afford it has to be worse. at the same time, a seal does not always mean that a product is good. we decide depending on the situation and weigh it up: because currently 70% of the materials that are processed in conventional fashion are made of plastic based on petroleum. we want to change that! but even cotton is not automatically environmentally friendly: the areas under cultivation are often unsuitable and require numerous irrigation systems, especially for conventional cultivation in monocultures. the aral sea in central asia, for example, has almost completely dried up because the incoming rivers were tapped for cotton production. organic cotton also requires a lot of water, but no environmentally harmful or toxic pesticides are used in its cultivation.

the other way around, plastic doesn't have to be demonized in general: rain jackets made of plastic make sense - but only if they are plant-based or recycled. after all, the coating ensures durability and allows water to roll off. with our products we specifically ask: where does something come from and how was it grown there? In doing so, we rely on transparency towards our customers.

proven brands and seals accordingly serve as guidelines for us. however, we try to think along with the complex processes that our clothes go through and to make a careful selection.

in addition to sales, we also want to enable a different perspective on the shelf life of products. if you already own enough clothes, don't buy from us! if you are looking for your new favorite item, you will definitely find it with us.