yes we care: your jeans care guide

yes we care: dein jeanspflegeguide

by Cristina Morales de la Cruz carpenter

you can not without your favorite jeans? then we'll show you how to wear them longer.

the motto is: wash your jeans as often as necessary and seldom as possible . experts from the eco denim brand nudie jeans even recommend wearing the jeans in for 4-6 months before they end up in the washing machine. and allegedly the jeans inventor levi strauss only washed his jeans once a year, designer tommy hilfiger, according to his own statements, never before.

our tips for you:

  1. give your jeans a steam bath: hang them up in the bathroom while you take a long shower. this helps to get light, unpleasant smells out of the fabric. ironing with a steam iron has a similar effect. When ironing, turn the jeans inside out to protect them. Attention: with stretch jeans it is better to keep your hands off the iron.
  2. a night in the freezer : fold your jeans and put them in the freezer for a night, this will kill the bacteria that cause bad smells.
  3. would you like some vodka? mix one part water with one part vodka and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. if necessary, you can now spray the jeans and get rid of annoying smells. note: it doesn't have to be an expensive branded vodka, a cheap bottle is enough!
  4. not for sissies: make sure not to use any fabric softener ! this would only make the fibers of your jeans softer, causing them to lose their perfect fit and stretch out unnecessarily.
  5. no dryer: the hot air destroys the fibers of your favorite jeans. so let it air dry!
  6. back to black: add a cup of strong coffee to the wash. It's best to put the coffee directly in the drum and not in the detergent compartment. this will make your favorite jeans shine a few shades darker.
  7. prefer hand washing: let your pants soak in a little water with detergent for 15-30 minutes and then wring them out.
  8. a bath in vinegar water : you can achieve a gentle and natural cleansing with a mixture of a few splashes of colorless household vinegar and water. the household remedy helps to fix the indigo color of your jeans. the smell goes away quickly.
  9. remove minor stains with a discarded toothbrush and some dish soap . this saves you and your jeans one or the other wash!

if the jeans got really dirty and still have to go in the washing machine, please only wash them cold . it is also best to turn your denim pants inside out to keep the color as long as possible. wool detergent also helps to keep your jeans supple.

also make sure that the speed is low, between 1000 and 1200 revolutions per minute, so as not to put too much strain on the fabric fibres. with stretch jeans, even 700 to 1000 revolutions are enough.

the right storage:

It's best not to put your jeans together in the closet, but hang them up on a trouser hanger . this should prevent discolouration, such as streaks, from occurring.


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