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eco & fair fashion

the demand is infinite – the resources of our planet are not. that's why it is our top priority to offer products that are not only good for people, but also have as little impact on our environment as possible.

In order to be able to guarantee this, transparency is required. and especially in the fashion industry there is a lack of exactly that. many people are not aware of the devastating effects that new jeans, a pair of sneakers or a cool t-shirt have on people, nature and our system.

we want to change that. fair fashion instead of fast fashion.

as a concept store, we not only offer clothing from our own brand, but also a selection of various fair fashion labels. when selecting the brands, we make sure - in addition to modern, attractive design - that certain ecological and social standards are met.

The following criteria are particularly important to us:

1. the use of resource-saving, sustainable materials

it is important that only raw materials from organic farming are used. or alternatively existing materials, such as leftover fabric or recycled plastic.

2. Compliance with human rights - especially women's rights & fair wages for everyone who is part of the production chain

whether workers on cotton plantations, seamstresses or suppliers - we only work with brands that are committed to fairness at the production site. this includes compliance with women's, association and other human rights as well as fair wages and commitment to a general improvement in living standards. no eco without fair.

3. an environmentally friendly cultivation/production process

not only the materials used, but also their production can be made more sustainable than is usual in the conventional fashion business. here, measures to reduce pollutants, water and co2 are particularly important to us. Some manufacturers, such as the Lenzing company, ensure a completely closed production cycle in which both water and solvents are cleaned and reused.

4. longevity

sustainability means longevity. we live in a throwaway society where clothes are worn little longer than the plastic bag they were bought in. because you don't like it anymore, it's out of fashion or it's broken. our approach to putting an end to this: high quality products that last for years and are easy to repair. Nudie Jeans eg offers a repair service for your worn out jeans.

5. transparency

to ensure that the above criteria are met, we rely on transparent eco fashion labels. a comprehensible supply chain, such as CARPASUS or sustainability reports are crucial for us.

You can find out more about the individual brands and their transparency here .

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